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Bethel Paintball and Airsoft Hampton, Va

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Bethel Battlefield Paintball Park is located right off Interstate 64 in Hampton, Virginia. We are Hampton Roads true professionals at delivering a high quality paintball experience for our guests.  Woodsball, Hyperball and our MOUT site are just a few of the playing fields that continue to bring players back to Bethel Paintball to relive that hair raising, on the edge feeling that all adrenaline junkies are in search of.

Browse our site to see why Paintball is great way to improve relationships, improve team dynamics or simply just have a great time.  In your search you will see how much fun this sport is and why Bethel Battlefield is the place to have it.


What to Expect When Playing Paintball
What to expect when playing paintball at Splatbrothes Paintball - Richmond Virginia

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